Located in Neptune City, NJ Fine Health is a purveyor of strictly top shelf, functional beverages.

Shawn and Ryan Kelly are the brewmasters behind the vision of Fine Health Kombucha. Kombucha is a special fermented tea packed with probiotics, antioxidants, and healthy living enzymes.  Fine Health is dedicated to the health and balance of all things; kombucha sits front and center.  The brothers stem from a strong background in fashion, music, cuisine, and hospitality, making Fine Health the new standard in the beverage industry.

An array of different teas are blended and infused to bring the most refreshing flavors to each individual's pallet.  The tastes are a bit more bold than what’s on the market today.  Fine Health sets themselves apart with a nice balance of acidity, the right amount of effervescence, and a flavor that stays with you.

In late summer of 2015 Fine Health Kombucha became the first retail kombucha store in New Jersey.  The space invited both local and visitors alike, offering kombucha on tap, various bottle sizes, and take home gallons.  Fine Health has five core flavors, with an endless number of specials.

With a huge response in their local market, and with beverage connoisseurs statewide, rapidly growing Fine Health needed to spread their wings.  In order to supply the demand, the team launched the addition of  Fine Health BOOCHERY, a 1200 sq. ft. brew facility.


Fine Health Kombucha creates a balance between bodily functions.  It’s special properties help aid circulation, digestion, the immune system, and over all well being.  Life is a continuous detox, and Fine Health is here for you.








120 West Sylvania Ave.
Neptune City, NJ 07753


Wed 9a–6p   Sat 9a–6p
Sun 9a–6p