Switchel - immune boosting ginger tonic

Chaga - steeped antioxidant mushroom

Clay - detoxing bentonite clay water infused

with pepperment

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Kombucha Flavors

Light -  blend of oolong and green teas; light and crisp

Oolong - woodsy and balanced

Dark- blend of various black teas; rich cider-like feel

Black Snap -extra dark pu-erh tea; ale-like with a tartness

- blend of green and yerba mate; light and smokey

Red - red rooibos tea blended with oolong; unique vanilla fruity notes

- lighter black tea; sharp with a citrus scent

Green - various green teas; light with a bit of acidity

*Fruits and herbs are infused into the different teas to create profiles all their own* (ginger peach, basil, apple turmeric, etc.)

* Available sizes: 16 & 32 oz bottles, gallon , & 12 oz pour off tap